Приветствуем Вас в КСК "Новый век"

Founders of the club have dreamed that all the buildings of New Century horse ridding club would be simple, functional and elegant in the same time.  But only you could judge if it happened or not. We are aware that we have a long journey to go before we truly can say that we fully accomplish our mission to build one of the best horse riding centers. But already some people for example like, miss Mariette Vitages, director FEI European committee of dressage says:  “This is excellent. That kind of quality you can rarely see at Europe”. That’s definitely very pleasant to hear.

To find out more, choose one of the link below:

1 Horse boutique
2 Плацы и левады
3 Грунт и система полива
4 Конюшни и солярии
5 Круговые манежи
6 Манеж